Hydrodynamic Flume

The hydro channel is being used successfully from professional athletes for training, in healing sports, wellness and fitness, therapies and rehabilitation.

The hydro channel is located in the “Terma Eco“ hotel building, along with a 25-meter pool, next to the hotel's spa complex. This arrangement allows water flow in the watercourse to be used for athletes' training, allows those wishing to learn how to swim to do it, and it can be used as well from hotel guests who make procedures in our SPA programs.

Relatively high water flow rates force patients to perform hard muscle work even when standing in the channel. This property of the water stream has found a wide spread in the curative-prophylactic and healing procedures.

What actually is this hydro channel?

It is a swimming pool with size 7x4 meters and 1.35 meters in depth, equipped with the unique countercurrent Fastlane by Endless pools Swimming Machines (USA), video cameras for recording and playback of the screening of the training process, self-control mirrors for athletes’ swimming technique . Countercurrent creates the effect of a river flow, the speed of which can be smoothly regulated (52 speeds). The maximum counterflow capacity reaches 1140 cubic meters per hour.

By the criteria quality and power of the counter-current, Fastlane has no analogue. The variety of physical exercises you can perform with the help of the water flow make the hydro-channel practically ideal method for training professional athletes and lovers of swimming.

Variable water speed allows  different types of training:

- Coordination of the movements;

- Stretch strength training;

- Training for proper breathing and substance exchange;

- Treatment of tactics and swimming techniques.


The hydrochannel is equipped with modern equipment, which allows:

- Video recordings of the swimming athletes;

- Motion recording and measurement;

- Control of the heart rhythm frequency;

- Power ergometry;

- Measurements of the power.

Apart from the counterflow, the hydrochannel is also equipped with powerful hydromassage nozzles for different areas of the body that allow its use for healing purposes.

The underwater body massage can perfectly match with stretching exercises, relaxation and breathing exercises.

The light programs, which consist of exercises, using various auxiliary means, are pleasure, which helps maintaining a good sports form.

At the same intensity of the exercises, drought training gives several times less effect than in an aquatic environment. For this reason, for the same time spent in sports activities,in the hydrochannel you will consume much more energy than in the sports hall.