Paraffin therapy

Paraffin therapy is one of the spa treatments which bring the most pleasure. Warm paraffin has a curative effect - it is used in the presence of arthritis, eliminates inflammatory processes and unnecessary salts. The curative effect of paraffin is determined by its thermal, chemical and mechanical effects. As a result of the thermal effect, the exchange processes and  the formation of the biologically active substances are enhanced. This procedure stimulates the regeneration process and increases the amount of functioning capillaries. The warmth of paraffin helps to reduce the joint pain, stimulates blood flow to the site where it is placed. The heat dissipates the muscles and makes the paraffin treatment appropriate for starting a massage procedure or other physical therapy. Due to the heat, a large amount of water is released from the skin, but paraffin does not allow it to be absorbed and the epidermis is moistened again. Warm paraffin therapy is very appropriate for skin that has suffered from cold. It can also be used as a therapy for skin with age-related changes, such as a moisturizing procedure for dehydrated skin as well as for arthritic problems. One of the frequently missed benefits of paraffin is the ability to restore skin water balance, open the pores, improve the functioning of the oily and sweat glands, increase the circulatory of the blood circulation and, as a result, lead to complete tranquility of the treated areas.


The curative and restorative qualities of paraffin procedures have been known for centuries – even the ancient Romans used hot paraffin just before massage to relax and grease the skin. The French used it to treat wounds. The British during the war treated sprains and muscle aches ... The most commonly used paraffin therapies are paraffin hand therapies. Hands are the second most vulnerable after the face - most often the skin of the wrists suffers from redness, cracking, drying and peeling. Paraffin hand therapy creates a pleasant feeling of freshness and rejuvenation of the skin. The benefits of this therapy are skin softening, deep nourishment, stimulation of blood circulation, smoothing of small wrinkles and lightening of spots. The hands will be tender, silky and healthy. Except for the hands, this therapy is also very useful for nails - the nail plate is strengthened and stabilized, hydrated, nourished and improves its elasticity.


Here is the time to try the paraffin hand mask - so give yourself a few minutes of pleasure on your hands - do it for them. This mask is one of the most common procedures - it is very popular because of the pleasant sensations it creates and its powerful regenerating action (redness, scaling and unhealthy appearance quickly disappear). Brushing with a rich vitamin cream and warming with paraffin give a radiant look to the skin, which becomes very tender and pleasant to the touch.


It is advisable to do a course of paraffin therapies - 5 to 10 in 7 to 10 days. We guarantee excellent results.