Yoga is an ancient science which purpose is to improve the connection between the physical, mental and spiritual state of man.

The word “yoga” has Sanskrit origin and means compound, bonding, merging. In the spiritual sense, this connection is understood as a union of the individual with the universal consciousness. At a practical level, Yoga is a way of balancing the body, mind and emotions. Yoga is a universal, lean and motivating system for the spirit and the body. Its age and origin are not yet established, but its wisdom can not be captured. Throughout its millennial history, it has undergone various stages of development, but remains alive, vital, mysterious, and increasingly relevant today.

Yoga benefits:

Yoga helps people of all ages maintain an excellent physical shape, develop their balance, coordination, sense and concentration skills. It restores, enlivens and heals the body, stretching and toning the muscles, joints and the spine. Yoga directs blood and oxygen to the internal organs (including the glands and nerves). Yoga is radically different from all other types of gymnastics and exercises. It creates motion without strain and disturbing the balance of the body. Studies have demonstrated the overall positive effect of Yoga on the individual systems of the human organism:

Cardiovascular system  - Asanas activate the blood circulation in the body. Regular yoga practice can help you normalize the blood pressure. For example, lifting the stomach raises the diaphragm that massages the heart underneath. This strengthens the heart muscle and as a result a person has better blood circulation and less chance of heart disease.

Digestive system  - Asanas practice increases the blood flow in the digestive tract and thus stimulates peristalsis and improves digestion. Bending forward positions increase the space in the abdominal cavity and facilitate the release of gases.

Musculoskeletal system - As a result of yoga practices, joint stiffness is reduced, which prevents the occurrence of a number of joint diseases. Keeping a healthy and upright spine is from the biggest importance, since each vertebrate is responsible for the proper functioning of a particular organ in the body.

Nervous system

Enhanced blood circulation, reduced muscle tension, and mind focusing on breathing all soothe the nervous system. Continuous practice of yoga reduces stress and anxiety, increases the sense of calmness and contentment. Nerves from the brain and spine go to every tissue in the body and the health of any tissue depends on the health of the brain and spine.