Lobby bar

Lobby bar

Service – bartender service, free consumption only;

Working time: 24 hour-service.


The lobby bar at THERMA ECO  hotel is one of the most elegant and comfortable places. It has its own unique atmosphere, highlighting the originality of the hotel’s architecture.

The lobby bar’s comfortable interior, harmoniously combined with luxury and a tranquil atmosphere make it a perfect place to wait for someone, for guests to have a small break or for friendly conversations

Here you can spend some time having a cocktail, a short drink or a cup of coffee or tea and just relax.

There is no hotel without a comfortable lobby-bar, where you can wait for a friend, relative or company without getting bored.

Our lobby-bar is a center for communication with the world – it offers excellent Internet connection.

Lighting in the bar is due to the light coming through the windows and the lampshades and chandeliers that are conducive to raising mood.

Here in a nice atmosphere you can meet with colleagues, business partners, guests, you can read or work. The sofas have high quality, chosen with care for your comfort