Main restaurant

                                 Main restaurant, First floor.  


                                Working time:

Breakfast – from 07:30 to 10:00;

Lunch – from 12:30 to 14:30;

Dinner – from 18:00 to 21:30.

Service – self-service - buffet;

ALL inclusive drinks – alcoholic drinks, beer, wine – white, red, rose, coffee, tea, cocoa, fruit juices, soft non-alcoholic drinks.


Welcome in “La Menu” restaurant!

The main restaurant of the hotel ”Therma ECO” opens its doors and welcomes you daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try different and unusual as well as traditional and familiar tastes at the buffet. Also you can watch the kitchen staff in the process of creation and preparation.
Culinary demonstrations take place daily at dinner where the chef is preparing the main dish in front of the guests.
Soft forms and smooth lines, natural materials, neutral colors, lots of greenery, silence and friendly staff -  allows you to fill comfortable and relax and wanting to come back again  in our hotel.

We sincerely hope, that the variety of tasty dishes will impress you! On the buffet you can always find freshly cooked meals from the European cuisine: Italian salads, pasta and risotto, German meat specialties, Spanish vegetable meals, Balkan breakfasts and appetizers. The notorious Belgian stuffings and sauces will wait you there. You can find also meat soups and Swedish cream-soups. Tasty Norwegian fish dishes and juicy sea specialties, prepared following old Portuguese recipies.

For breakfast we offer fresh juices, various types of cheese, fruits and meat breakfasts. Tasty pancakes and bakeries. Delicious coffee and tea. The worldwide known Bulgarian diary products. Oatmeal for each taste.

The lunch brings aroma of grasses and spices. It consists of well balanced variety of European dishes with their typical appetizers, different side dishes and wide choice of main course dishes.

The dinner in our main classic restaurant with the family and friends and the cozy, comfortable atmosphere won’t disappoint you. You can see how our chef de cuisine prepares the dishes in front of your eyes in our show cooking zone.

The thematic nights will help you to make a complete and unforgettable gastronomic cruise over the European cities. You can also enjoy a glass of good wine or beer with the delicious food.

We can say that our main restaurant is comfortable and spacious, with good food and excellent service.

At “Terma Eco” hotel we consciously strive for a variety of styles. The classic restaurant, which is the main one in our hotel, is nothing but a tradition. The wide space between the tables, the comfortable chairs, the inconspicuous but high-quality service from the staff - this is a part of our special attitude towards the guests of our hotel.

The menu in the main restaurant of the hotel "Terma Eco" will fit you perfectly, no matter how long  your stay in Kranevo will be. We can suggest traditional dishes, typical for the European and the Bulgarian cuisine. We also suggest special recipes – our cooks often prepare “Specialty of the day”, for which you must ask your waiter.

As for the buffet, we strive to be richly and beautifully decorated. The way of serving must excite the appetite and every our guest - from the little child to the elderly man - must find a dish that suits their taste, eating habits and lifestyle.

The seasonal vegetables and fruits are an integral part of our menu, so the vegetarians can also be satisfied as well as our other guests.

The interior of Terma Eco's main restaurant is designed with the idea for comfort which can give you the opportunity to re-choose the cozy atmosphere of our hotel again and again.